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Committed to the Communities We Serve

The mantra of service above self has always helped drive the unique culture of Rea & Associates. From our firm’s very roots in 1938, Richard Rea’s vision was one of service and commitment to our neighbors and community. In our over 80 years in business, we’ve held Richard Rea’s “Rea Way” ideals close to our hearts and business practices. In so many ways, investing in our communities and caring for others is literally written into our DNA.  

Rea & Associates is fortunate to have a presence in many awesome Ohio communities and The Rea Foundation, our nonprofit corporation for charitable giving, is focused on supporting causes that benefit, strengthen, and grow our local communities and the people who live there.

Simply put, we believe in Ohio. We live here, work here, and love here, and the value of our work is only increased by our own ties to our state-wide community. We’re proud to serve so many areas across Ohio, and look forward to developing new ways to deepen and reaffirm our commitment to the home we all share.

Slowing Down to Refocus on What Matters Most: Our 2023 Year in Review

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s the importance of community. Now, more than ever, we believe in the power of coming together for good – especially in our own backyards.

2023 Giving By the Numbers

  • Assisted 36 nonprofit organizations
  • Provided more than $31,500 in scholarships
  • Distributed more than $170,336 in financial gifts

In addition to formalizing our donation process and honing in on our development, we appointed six trustees to the Rea Foundation board: Paul McEwan (secretary), Tammy Haney (treasurer), Ben Antonelli, Jeremey Senften and Sheri Valore.

How We Work Together for Good

In 2020, The Rea Foundation, Rea’s non-profit corporation for charitable giving, received some extra attention. We added structure and formalized and improved processes in order to make a greater impact in our communities. Since beginning this initiative, we created three committees. The addition of these values trustees has helped us further our commitment to the communities and charities we serve in these areas. These areas work together to help us further our mission, identify areas of potential service, and maximize our impact to the communities we serve.


This committee is responsible for reviewing and approving donation requests, as well as formalizing the overall mission of The Rea Foundation and the types of causes we support. Our charitable donations team works closely with other committees of the Foundation to identify areas where charitable donations can do the best.


This committee is responsible for researching and identifying needs in our communities, identifying and building relationships with existing organizations, and finding opportunities for community service projects in those communities. The way The Rea Foundation supports each community may differ depending on the needs of that community – for example, food insecurity, physical health, supporting the senior population, etc. as needed. This committee also helps identify needs we can meet through community service projects that help connect our communities even further.


This committee is responsible for finding ways to raise more funds through the foundation, and thus make a greater impact. Our fundraising division works closely with the other two divisions in order to help us bring in the donations that allow us to make a difference in the communities we serve.

Want to learn more about our Rea Foundation? Visit our YouTube page! Want to make a donation? You can send donations to our Venmo, @Reafoundation.